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Are you a smart water company that’s starting up or branching out?  Aqualyst can help.   

Do you ever wish you could time travel and rewind that last investor pitch, sidestep that manufacturer who’s constantly behind schedule, or pursue that market that suddenly took off?  We haven’t cracked time-travel yet, but our network of water pioneers is the next best thing.  Working with industry pioneers who have invented cutting-edge technologies, commercialized 40+ new products, navigated global licensing agreements, and launched internationally renowned companies, you’ll feel as though you’re looking into the future.

PureBlue’s Aqualyst is a business and technology catalyst that provides customized services to accelerate, commercialize, and scale high-impact water technologies and businesses.  We’ve hand-selected a trusted network of advisors, investors, and resources to drive water tech business development in the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID, MT, BC, Alberta) and nationally.


We’re Excited to Catalyze Smart Water Innovation

Aqualyst is particularly excited to support the growing smart water space.  You’ll often find our office abuzz as our advisors and scientists geek out and passionately discuss the potential of innovative smart water technologies.  This year we are especially excited about combining new sensors with machine learning to capture lost revenue and wasted water at utilities.  Next in line is the new breed of sensors and models for stormwater.


Your Individualized Catalyst

Each year, Aqualyst works intensively with five disruptive water tech companies.  During the core 14-week program, participating companies are featured at WEFTEC and collaborate with industry pioneers like Dave Paulson, Randy Truby, and Dr. Teri A. Floyd.  The program is distinct from other catalysts in that it’s:

  • Individualized, Not Curriculum Driven | Everything about the core 14-week program is customized to your company.  If you’re already an expert at investor pitches, then we won’t waste your time with a standard workshop that’s not relevant.  Together, we’ll identify where your greatest potential and needs are – be that sales projects, manufacturing, or investment – then select targeted industry advisors and customize the program to your goals.
  • A Hybrid-Virtual Model | Aqualyst is designed to accelerate your growth, not distract from it.  We recognize that your daily operations and development often require you to be on-site or connecting live with customers.  That’s why Aqualyst is predominantly virtual and flexible.  Other than the first week and WEFTEC, the remainder of collaboration with your individual advisors is virtual.   

After the core 14-week program, your industry pioneers will continue to collaborate and serve as advisors for at least a year.  You will also have lifelong access to PureBlue’s constantly expanding network of industry-leading technologists, customers, pilot sites, manufacturers, facilities, and channels-to-market.  Many of our alumni continue to reach out for advice and connections as they navigate new investments and business development.


Ready to jump in? Apply by April 30  

Aqualyst’s initial application closes April 30.  The selection process is competitive, but completing the initial application is relatively quick (1-2 hours) as we know you’re focused on growing your company.


Want More Information?

PureBlue is constantly building our water innovation network and resources.  In addition to Aqualyst, there may be other ways we can help catalyze your growth. Email our Program Manager, Marielle at and we’d be thrilled to connect!



About PureBlue

PureBlue is a non-profit organization that collects, multiplies, and shares resources to support the development and commercialization of water technology innovation.  The organization has created the Clean Water Innovation Initiative (CWII), a three-year project funded by a US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Agency grant and matching private contributions.  Its mission is to accelerate and streamline the development and implementation of impactful water-related innovations through three interrelated pillars:  The Water Innovation Nexus Accelerator (WIN Accelerator), the Alliance platform, and a seed-stage equity investment fund created to accelerate water technology companies from prototype to scaled commercialization.