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Join the Akron Global Water Alliance (AGWA), a major US Water Cluster, for the US Smart Water Conference 2018 on May 30 - May 31, 2018, at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio.


The US Smart Water Conference 2018 is dedicated to the future of water, water innovation, and water technologies.  The conference, in its 4th year, looks at the development and deployment of systems, technologies, artificial intelligence, and the data produced for use by water utilities, engineering firms, regulators, operators, and innovative technology companies to better manage, understand, address, predict, and solve the issues facing them, now and in the future.  The conference also covers toxins, including harmful algal blooms, DBPs, pharmaceuticals, and other issues in water treatment.  With presentations from leaders in the smart water field, including water organizations, major engineering firms, regulators, and utilities, this will be an informative two-day event at a conference by professionals for professionals.  The conference will also feature Water Pitcher, a unique B2B water technology pitching event for innovations in the water industry.


The conference is well attended by participants from all over the US and across the world.  This is the 4th Annual Akron Global Water Alliance Conference with a highly successful track record of presenting information, innovative technologies, regulatory, scientific, and engineering content geared to water engineers, utilities, operators, regulators, and businesses.


The four major themes of the Smart Water Conference include:

  • Smart Water Distribution Systems
  • Smart Watersheds
  • Smart Water Treatment
  • Harmful Algal Blooms and Toxins


Registration and sponsorship opportunities are open – and, as a reminder, all SplashLink subscribers that plan on attending the conference can register at a discounted rate of $395.  Additionally, SplashLink will be presenting at the conference on the topic of smart water technology adoption in the Midwest/Great Lakes region.   For more information, including the current program, please see or contact 216-589-0693.


Akron Global Water Alliance


About Akron Global Water Alliance (AGWA)

The Akron Global Water Alliance is a City of Akron, Ohio USA, initiative which educates, promotes, develops, implements, and helps commercialize innovative water system techniques and technologies from across the world to help solve those issues of greatest concern to the water industry.

Through the utilization of networking and mutually beneficial partnerships on a local, national, and international level, AGWA promotes knowledge exchanges, innovation, and the introduction of new technology to the US water market.  Using our extensive global network, AGWA can develop pilot projects that connect state-of-the-art technology with proven business experience and local expertise, as well as valuable financial incentives.

By helping to develop advanced technologies related to improved water and wastewater management, water reclamation, and infrastructure systems, AGWA helps ensure our community’s continued access to a clean water supply and provides the benefits of these systems to other communities and countries around the world.


To find out more about AGWA, contact us at:

T. 330.375.2088