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SplashLink's Smart Water Awareness WeekSmart Water Awareness Week (SWAW), April 23rd – 27th, is an annual event created to emphasize the growing trend of smart water implementation in the global market, advocate for the integration of innovative technologies, bring attention to the availability of undeployed funding opportunities, and encourage every person to become well-informed about smart water solutions and their place in the evolving water sector. Smart water refers to the use of digital tools, devices, and applications to track, communicate, control, and provide notification of changing conditions across the lifecycle of water use, quality, or infrastructure.


Consider The Following:

Much of the water infrastructure throughout the US is between 50 to 100 years old and has outlived its service life. Supplying clean water to the entire population requires improvement in water technologies, including efficient metering, effective infrastructure monitoring, and accurate customer billing.

A decline in available federal dollars for water infrastructure over the past several decades has caused a lack of sufficient resources for maintenance, repair, upgrade, and replacement in US communities. Yet there are funding options available. As the water industry gains further insights around national demand, it will be better equipped to both educate and align funding options for smart water solutions across the US and beyond.

According to the American Water Works Association, the cost of repairing and expanding drinking water infrastructure in the US over the coming 25 years is more than $1 trillion, with investment needs exceeding $1.7 trillion through 2050.

A report from July 2017 estimates that US water utilities are predicted to invest more than $8 billion in smart water systems and strategies over the next decade as adoption continues.

The US smart water metering market will witness growth of over 6% by 2024. Increasing efforts to map water leakage through distribution mains coupled with replacement of existing pipeline networks will further boost the industry growth.



Funding opportunities rarely specify particular applications or technologies such as “smart water,” “metering,” “sensors,” or “automation.”  Most funding opportunities tend to describe criteria covering a broad scope, within which smart water applications and technologies may be included.

  • SplashLink, water’s online platform, has hosted over $10 billion in capital and funding opportunities from both traditional and atypical sources. Available funding includes categories which are applicable to the pursuit of smart water solutions, including Research, Technology, & Innovation; Planning, Design, & Engineering; and Infrastructure & Equipment.
  • Infrashares is an online platform dedicated to crowdfunding investment in critical public infrastructure projects, including water, raising private equity, and debt investment in public infrastructure projects developed through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).
  • Water Financing Clearinghouse is a portal intended to help communities locate information and resources to assist with decision-making for water infrastructure needs. It includes two databases, one of which includes funding sources.


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