Blog  /  August 2016  /  Could P3's Solve America's Water Problems

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With limited funding and resources, coupled by an immediate demand to address America’s water quality and quantity issues, there is a need to explore new, innovative solutions. The concept of public – private partnerships is a topic of discussion across the country. There is no Silver Bullet to our infrastructure needs, but bringing together key players in the public and private sectors to combine resources and capital could be the most effective. Whether it’s the chemical imbalance of drinking water, corrosive metals leeching into the water supply, or the unreliable, aging nature of our infrastructure, America must look for new and fast ways to solve and fix our problems.


Although a concept fairly new to the United States, especially in the water and wastewater industries, P3’s have been happening across the globe in almost every industry. From an irrigation project in the West Delta in Egypt, to the conversion of a brownfield into a large-scale airport in Mumbai, India, these projects happen every day. It’s up to us as stakeholders to explore the opportunity and concept to not only improve our infrastructure, but to do it through sustainable public-private partnerships.