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Keeping up with everyone and everything you see at a tradeshow can be very difficult. From booths you visit, to people you meet, and events you attend, business cards can easily be lost and names forgotten. Almost everyone attending shows have access to incredible technology in their pockets to take full advantage of opportunities and experiences at tradeshows, but rarely do. I've compiled a short list of great ways to fully use your smartphone at tradeshows to get the most out of your time there. 

Here are 5 ways your smartphone can help you make the most of the event:

1.Social Media / Photo-Ops:

Share your trade show experience with your social media followers and industry network using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Creating and sharing tradeshow specific hashtags and attaching them to the photos you take at the show are great ways to get your followers excited and involved.

2.QR Codes / Promotional Offers:

Create QR codes for attendees to scan to receive special offers from your company. Also, while walking around the trade show yourself, make sure to scan QR codes for similar promos and deals. Many companies also offer promotions through their social media accounts, so keep an eye on those as well.

3.Lead Generation / Business Cards:

Scanning attendees’ badges with lead retrieval scanners is a great way to generate leads as they funnel into your booth. A great app for quickly organizing business cards on-the-fly is CamCard. The app allows you to take a photo of business cards and have the info easily added into you address book.

4.Geo-tracking / Analytics:

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tracking apps allow you to track how many people visited your booth and/or how much time attendees spent at your booth. These apps are a great way to track consumer behavior during the show.  You may also want to create a Foursquare location at your booth to entice attendees to “Check-in” to your booth. Conversely, you may want to “check-in” to others’ booths for promotions and special offers.

5.Making Sales on-the-spot:

Using a mobile credit card scanner, such as the options offered by PayPal, Intuit, or Square, will allow you to accept credit cards using your smartphone and make sales right there at your booth. Alternatively, using apps like Apple Pay would allow you to make purchases from other booths by simply waving your iPhone.