Blog  /  August 2016  /  Responding to Severe Drought Conditions, Californians Turn off the Taps

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In his April 1, 2015 Executive Order, California Governor Edmund Brown mandated water use reduction by users of urban water supplies across California. Almost immediately, the State Water Board adopted an emergency regulation requiring a 25% reduction in overall potable urban water use. Yet as the drought conditions continue, reservoirs and groundwater supplies are still below normal despite average rainfall. The burden and responsibility for water conservation falls largely to local water suppliers and their customers. SplashLink currently has close to 100 active bids and project opportunities in California touching on water conservation management practices alone.

This past May, the State Water Board shifted its strategy, if not its goals, and adopted a slightly different statewide water conservation approach to take effect in January 2017. This “trust but verify” approach replaces the prior percentage reduction standard with a localized “stress test” approach. It mandates urban water suppliers act now to ensure at least a three year supply of water to their customers, often clearly stated in municipal and county web pages. SplashLink has identified bid opportunities to install commercial water recycling systems, irrigation controls, upgrade metering of water usage, and much more especially regarding water efficient technologies.