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Designing the Financial Bridge for Water Infrastructure: Legislation Section

By Arthine Cossey van Duyne - Managing Partner, WaterFunder, LLC

Everybody knows that water is essential to life.  Not just “water” in and of itself, but affordable access to clean drinking water and safe wastewater systems is needed to keep the public healthy, the economy thriving, and our communities safe and whole.  However, there is a funding gap for the infrastructure needed to deliver clean drinking water to small, medium, and rural communities in America.  There is enough money available for every water infrastructure project, but we have a system of barriers that prevent these crucial projects from getting the funding they need.  What we need is a “financial bridge” made up of the processes, frameworks, and mindsets needed to overcome these barriers and bring us over the funding gap.  We’ve already talked about how to design the financial bridge, and where the money is going to come from.  Now we’re going to talk about the legislative barriers that need to be overcome.