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Water flows humbly to the lowest level.
Nothing is weaker than water,
Yet for overcoming what is hard and strong,
Nothing surpasses it.

Tao Te Ching

We realize, that to continue to survive as human beings, we must live in a sustainable fashion. There are five basic human needs: shelter, air, warmth, food, and clean water. Your body is made up of about 60% water, and our planet is made up of over 70% water. Water is crucial to life on our world, and so it is important that we treat our water carefully by realizing how we care for our water ultimately reflects how we treat ourselves. We are working at SplashLink to exercise care of our water, while connecting other water workers with one another, helping to grow new pathways to waterways.

Water is constantly in motion through its own natural cycle of evaporation, precipitation and runoff. The travelogue of water is the natural method of filtration and cleansing that keeps our water clean and healthy. The water systems, we as people have developed, mirror these cycles to deliver, and remove, waters and waste waters conveniently from our homes and businesses.

Clean water is the single most important determinant of public health and well-being, so water systems must be sanitary and secure. Communities continue to design water infrastructures to be efficient, easy to maintain, and durable, which keep them clean and safe. We use about 70% of our water resources on agriculture and food processing, making it essential to our lives and economies beyond our physical need for this odorless, colorless, nutrient free fluid.

Finding a balance between the needs of societies and sustainable environmental practices is paramount. Water is a renewable resource, yet the world’s groundwater is steadily decreasing. Freshwater is only about 2.5% of the world’s water supply, and of that 2.5% 70% isn’t accessible and with just around 1% being fresh, surface water, so there is a clear need for alternative management strategies to avoid stressing the ecosystem and depleting natural non-renewable resources from our environments.

Water is vital to our existence and it’s availability is key to our survival, both as individuals and as the human species. The importance of investment in water, water sources, and systems cannot be underestimated, for our very survival is tied to our access to clean water. Reducing the costs and complexities of doing business in the water industry, SplashLink helps realize the need for clean water worldwide by connecting buyers and sellers of water solutions. We recognize the true need for connectivity in the water industry, and we are here to lead by example.