Blog  /  July 2016  /  As Water Scarcity Looms, Regions are Looking to Desalination

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Due to rising sea levels, depletion of freshwater resources, and increased drought in water-stressed areas, cities and nations are looking to new, innovative solutions to sustain water consumption levels. One technology that has been receiving a lot of attention – and financial support – is water desalination technology. Natural implications like the drought in California, and the drying of aquifers is forcing the American west coast to develop and brainstorm solutions to their water problems. In Florida, the threat of salt water leaking into freshwater aquifers increases each year as sea levels rise.

The potential for freshwater contamination is not unique to just the United States. Many island nations in southeastern Asia are experiencing similar infrastructure stresses. Specifically speaking to desalination technologies, the government of Singapore just announced the construction of a facility that will not only host research and development labs to experiment with innovative technologies, but will also link research with key industry players to accelerate technologies to market.

With all this said, and capital investments made by local and federal governments across the globe, desalination facilities must continue to improve efficiency to drive down operational costs.