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It is notable that Nebraska, a state that has been hamstrung by droughts and legal issues in the water industry, has made a move forward towards getting necessary funding for water projects. The problems range from utilities clearing out nitrates from their water systems to farmers overusing water to irrigate their crops. An article from the Lincoln Journal Star expounds on this funding stating that the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission awarded nearly $11.5 million to 16 projects throughout the state and that another round will be happening from July 16th-31st.

The general purpose of this funding, as stated in the article, is the continuous effort to keep the water in Nebraska “drinkable and abundant”. What stands out in the article however is how it is acknowledged by political figures how they were cautious in the past about approving funding because they did not want to encourage wasteful spending. Now that they have a better understanding with both rural and urban interests, Nebraska looks to have more opportunities in the water industry than before and hopefully becomes an example for other states with similar issues.