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Most people have heard of the 1975 film Jaws, a movie depicting a giant great white shark wreaking havoc upon swimmers.  With close-up shots of the unlucky swimmers being consumed by the infamous shark, this movie scares people right out of the water and off the beach.  After watching Jaws, many people swear off swimming in water known to contain sharks.  (Understandably so!)  Even still, the last week in July is pretty much Jaws, all day every day, for a full 168 hours on the Discovery Channel

This year’s Shark Week begins on Sunday July 23rd at 7 pm Eastern/Pacific time (ET/PT) and continues until Sunday July 30th on the Discovery Channel.  It includes events such as Michael Phelps racing a great white shark and specials about different types of sharks.

Sunday July 23rd

Shark week commences with a special at 7 pm about finding the shark who likes to hang out around the central California coast and attack its’ residents.  Led by shark experts Ralph Collier and Cal Lutheran, they hunt for the killer using satellite tags and DNA technology.  After hopefully finding the Californian shark, the Discovery Channel then dives into its most advertised shark week event:  Michael Phelps vs. The Great White.  At 8 pm Phelps will be the first person to attempt racing a shark.  At 9 pm there’s a shark-croc showdown, and the night ends at 10 pm with footage on female hammerhead sharks migrating to the Bahamas.

Monday July 24th

The second day of Shark Week begins at 8 pm and goes into detail about the Gulf Stream waters that contain 30 species of shark, specifically focusing on makos, great whites, and porbeagles.  Then at 9 pm the Discovery Channel travels to the Isle of Jaws and unveils the hot spot for great whites.  At the end of the night, a special at 10 pm gives insights about the world’s strangest sharks, including the goblin shark and the sawshark.

Tuesday July 25th

Tuesday at 9 pm opens with an investigation into why great whites are increasing in number along the coastline of Los Angeles and why they’re hunting out of season.  Later, at 10 pm Shark Week discusses a similar problem in New York:  the advances of great whites due to a larger seal population in the New York Harbor.

Wednesday July 26th

The fourth day of Shark Week starts at 9 pm with explorers on the Gulf of Mexico searching for sharks in a one-of-a kind shark cage.  After watching that gut-wrenching special, the nightcap to Wednesday’s Shark Week programming at 10 pm entails the Discovery Channel talking about why volcanoes and volcanic islands are hot spots for sharks.

Thursday July 27th

Thursday begins at 9 pm with a special about the techniques used by a Brazilian scientist to reduce the number of shark encounters in Brazil.  Then at 10 pm you can discover what a “shark society” is and why sharks gather, swarm, and spiral at various times during the year.

Friday July 28th

The sixth day of Shark Week commences at 9 pm and leads with scientists unraveling the mystery as to why a great white shark tagged in South Africa travelled 1,500 miles up the coast to Madagascar, where great whites and tigers are ‘extinct.’  After learning why sharks are migrating to Madagascar, the Discovery Channel discusses one of the sea’s strangest creatures, the sawfish, and its main role in the marine ecosystem at 10 pm.

Saturday July 29th

Saturday’s programming at 9 pm comprises a clip show of highlights from Shark Week 2017, featuring the closest calls, biggest bites, and greatest gadgets.  Hopefully no humans were injured in those clips!

Sunday July 30th

The last day of Shark Week wraps up at 8 pm with Michael Phelps taking a crash course about sharks.  At the Bimini Shark Lab located in the Bahamas, Doc Gruber and Tristan Guttridge will inform Phelps everything one needs to know about sharks, as well as dispel common myths and misconceptions about sharks.

Hopefully, this year’s Shark Week isn’t as frightening as Jaws!  Instead, our wish is that Shark Week will inform society about all things shark-related and educate the public of the importance (and awesomeness) of sharks!