Blog  /  June 2016  /  Remote Sensing and Big Data - How can the Water Industry Adapt?

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In a world where technology is constantly at our fingertips and can tell us anything from what our heartrate is at this very second, to how many steps we need to take per hour to reach our daily activity goals, it comes to no surprise that industrial players are looking to track and monitor equipment activity as well. The goal of zero unplanned downtime, and the ability to track water pressure and volume in any given tank or pipe wasn’t even on most of our radars five to ten years ago! But today, we have an enormous amount of innovation around industrial remote sensing. With GE’s Industrial Internet, we can control and monitor our equipment’s behavior at the touch of a button. 

Innovation around sensing and data collection has been a hot topic the past couple years, and rightfully so. With all this data, and the concept of the Internet of Things, sensors that can track behavior have proven they deserve a place in the water and wastewater industries. On the SplashLink website, we have over 100 funding opportunities for Research, Technology & Innovation focused on accelerating the process of getting new technology out of the lab and into the market.  We also have over 500 project opportunities in our Monitoring, Controls & Instrumentation category. That doesn’t even include all the opportunities remotes and sensors could apply!  Judging by these trends, and the funding pouring into these technologies, any players requiring infrastructure updates should seriously consider upgrading and jumping into the pool that is big data.