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The headlines may be awash in stories of water-related problems and crises, but resourceful municipalities across the country work to provide the greatest possible value to their communities every day. When it comes to proactive approaches and problem solving in water-utility management, innovations abound in big and small cities alike.

The Prairie Waters project in Colorado is an innovative system that combines natural filtration with advanced purification to provide an additional 3.3 billion gal of drinking water per year to the City of Aurora. The system utilizes riverbank filtration as well as aquifer recharge and recovery to pull water through layers of sand and gravel to remove contaminants naturally. The water is then sent through a purification facility to remove remaining organics, particles and pathogens to be suitable to drink. The project cost approximately $650 million and was paid for by cash reserves, ratepayers, a low interest loan from the state and $450 million in bonds.

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