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With water infrastructure continuing to degrade, and previously reliable sources of funding now in jeopardy, SplashLink is responding to the call from our partners in the industry to find alternatives. In an effort to help, SplashLink is providing free access to an additional 1,000 water utilities and municipalities to enable them to take advantage of the Billions of dollars in funding opportunities looking for applicants on SplashLink.

Now those players need you. They need to connect with experts who can help them deal with their problems effectively and economically. They need more eyes on their RFPs. They need engineers and solution providers who can respond to their specific conditions and local demands.

Once you are a subscriber, SplashLink equips those players to find you, and provides you with the contact information you need to build relationships with them. SplashLink gives you unprecedented access to opportunities all over North America and beyond, with the search capabilities you need to find just those that are right for you. SplashLink gives you alerts so you can be among the earliest to know of any opportunity.

To learn more about our 'Solver' Package, click here.