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Well, it’s big enough to have to take another look at the ‘how’.


The 98th Meridian Foundation was formed to address the nexus of water, energy, and land.  We recognize that WATER is the most precious of these resources (that’s why we give it ‘top billing’!)


There are many regions throughout the country that have water issues.   And because Texas IS as big as it is – and stretches across a couple of time zones and has a great deal of differing terrain – there are ‘regions’ with unique and differing water issues WITHIN Texas as well.


And that said, as we all know, the issues with water go far beyond ‘the lack thereof’.  Its use, reuse, contamination, management, and efficacy…these are all issues to be tackled.


Water clusters can be a great contributor in identifying and (perhaps) discovering and creating solutions to the many issues surrounding our precious water.  Regional approaches are ideal given the geographical as well as supply and demand differences that exist throughout the country.  And yes – a regional strategy for the creation and support of water clusters in Texas is also needed.


Our Foundation works across Texas to support market-driven, solution-based dialogue on these critical issues - keeping in mind in Big Ol’ Texas, we discuss swamps to rivers, deserts to aquifers.  Within the State of Texas, a regional approach to water solutions – Regional Water Clusters – are an important step in creating market-ready solutions.


NOTE:  Keep in mind, all the while we discuss these issues and the solutions needed, we scramble to keep up with the population explosion in the state.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau (Aug 2017), “For each year between 2010 and 2016, Texas has had the nation’s largest annual population growth”.


Consumers and users of Texas’ precious water just keep coming!


The 98th Meridian Foundation will continue to focus on the nexus of water, energy and land – we believe that’s the only way to reach viable solutions to these critical issues.  The Foundation is taking a cue from successful programs around the world.  We encourage - and will be working to help establish – Regional Water Clusters in the State of Texas.

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