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1. Save by Booking in Advance:

Spring and Summer are the best times to visit New Orleans if you’re on a budget. You’ll also want to stay at a hotel outside the French Quarter, as these are the priciest hotels in the area. A great way to lodge on a dime is to use AirBnB or VRBO.


2. Eating on a Budget:

Spend a lunch or dinner at the famous Cafe Du Monde. Here you’ll find numerous New Orleans delicacies, like beignets. Visitors can eat their fill at Café Du Monde most times for under $5.00! Another option is to take a gander at the New Orleans Dining Guide, where you’ll be able to find more cost effective options.


3. Drinking on a Dime:

One of the most affordable bars in the area is The Rat Hole. That said, if you’d like an adult beverage or two, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg at the tourist-y bars, take advantage of the area’s relaxed container laws – Buy your beverage(s) ahead of time at a more affordable store and enjoy them whilst walking around sightseeing!


4. Great Music, Great Price:

Sure, the expensive club scene will have a lot of loud music for you to enjoy, but that’s not nearly the only option for music-lovers. Take advantage of the free street music the area is filled with! – Cut a rug right there on the street if you feel so inclined!


5. Streetcar Savings:

Transportation can get pretty pricey in New Orleans. Take advantage of the streetcars you can find riding through the area. Disclaimer: It’s recommended to use cabs after dark.  We suggest taking a look at the Regional Transit Authority for updated information.