April 23-27, 2018

Smart water refers to the use of digital tools, devices, and applications to track, communicate, control, and provide notification of changing conditions across the lifecycle of water use, quality, or infrastructure.

The information yielded from a smart water network enables utilities and customers to adapt operating decisions or daily use in real time and provides insights on trends across entire systems and watersheds over weeks, months, years, and decades.


Catalysts Driving Smart Water Adoption

  • Aging infrastructure

  • Resurging concerns over water quality

  • Demands for transparency in customer billing and communications

  • Rising needs for operating efficiencies in the face of tightening budgets and an aging workforce

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Consider This...

  • Outside the US, smart water technologies have been adopted on a fairly large scale in numerous countries throughout such areas as Europe, the Asia/Pacific region, Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

  • According to the American Water Works Association, the cost of repairing and expanding drinking water infrastructure in the US over the coming 25 years is more than $1 trillion, with investment needs exceeding $1.7 trillion through 2050.

  • A report from July 2017 estimates that US water utilities are predicted to invest more than $8 billion in smart water systems and strategies over the next decade as adoption continues.

  • U.S. smart water metering market will witness growth of over 6% by 2024. Increasing efforts to map water leakage through distribution mains coupled with replacement of existing pipeline networks will further boost the industry growth.

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SplashLink Announces First Annual Smart Water Awareness Week

By Splashlink Team

Smart Water Awareness Week (SWAW), April 23rd – 27th, is an annual event created to emphasize the growing trend of smart water implementation in the global market, advocate for the integration of innovative technologies, bring attention to the availability of undeployed funding opportunities, and encourage every person to become well-informed about smart water solutions and their place in the evolving water sector. Smart water refers to the use of digital tools, devices, and applications to track, communicate, control, and provide notification of changing conditions across the lifecycle of water use, quality, or infrastructure.


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Raise Your City's IQ: Get SMART with Networked Flow Meters and Sensors

By Suzie Housley, Ph.D. -- Stormwater Scientist at StormSensor Incorporated

Pollution from combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and stormwater is prevalent nationwide.  It has been linked not only to degradation of natural water quality, but also to increased outbreaks of food and waterborne diseases, negatively affecting both human and aquatic ecosystems.  With more frequent storms, rising sea levels, and greater demand for utility services, communities across the country have struggled to keep up with the increasing needs of stormwater management, while technology has often lagged behind demand.  The advent of cost-effective, networked data sensors has begun to pave the way to a cleaner and safer future for those who embrace these “smart city” technologies.  Such systems have multiple applications not only on the sewershed-scale, but also for discrete pollution control projects.


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Opportunities for Water and Wastewater Operators in Remote Monitoring

By Ayyeka Marketing Team

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the key force behind Industry 4.0 – the technological revolution borne out of a desire to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure and industrial sectors through leveraging the power of data-led insights.  To make Industry 4.0 happen, sensors need to be connected via an internet network and securely and reliably brought online.  This is the chief purpose of the burgeoning IoT ecosystem.  This article will present the concept of the IIoT, discuss the benefits municipal operators can achieve through its implementation, and outline the challenges that they may encounter while doing so.  Two abbreviated case studies will conclude the article and illustrate to operators the advantages of “going smart.”



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MWRD, Current Launch SigaPlatform Pilot

By Jackie Blair -- Communications & Program Manager, Current

This week, Current and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) launched a new pilot project to evaluate Siga OT Solutions’ critical infrastructure monitoring technology.

Israel-based Siga developed SigaPlatform, which uses machine learning-based predictive analytics algorithms to protect critical devices and systems by monitoring the electrical signals that control them.  This approach helps to ensure proper equipment operation and provides an immediate warning at the first sign of an anomaly that could indicate a malfunction or potential threat.



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Aqualyst: Catalyzing Innovation for the New World of Water

By Marielle Larson -- Program Manager at PureBlue

Are you a smart water company that’s starting up or branching out?  Aqualyst can help.   

Do you ever wish you could time travel and rewind that last investor pitch, sidestep that manufacturer who’s constantly behind schedule, or pursue that market that suddenly took off?  We haven’t cracked time-travel yet, but our network of water pioneers is the next best thing.  Working with industry pioneers who have invented cutting-edge technologies, commercialized 40+ new products, navigated global licensing agreements, and launched internationally renowned companies, you’ll feel as though you’re looking into the future.

PureBlue’s Aqualyst is a business and technology catalyst that provides customized services to accelerate, commercialize, and scale high-impact water technologies and businesses.  We’ve hand-selected a trusted network of advisors, investors, and resources to drive water tech business development in the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID, MT, BC, Alberta) and nationally.


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Supporting Partners